"Proud to serve Milton and all of Santa Rosa County"

  .Com Domain: When it comes to domains .com is king. As of March of 2021, there are 363.5 million domain name registrations across all top-level domains. Even better, 154.6 million of these have a .COM extension. The latest research and study news on domains shows that .com outperforms all other domain extensions. That's the reason behind thousands of county government users with weaker .gov and .us websites making use of a redirect on a secondary county-specific .com domain sending visitors straight to the original .gov or .us website. It's as easy as posting a redirect to the current .gov or .us website on the county-specific domain. The keywords in the address are county name and two-letter state abbreviation. Take for example Bay County where the Bay County Board of Commissioners uses a redirect to their benefit. See for yourself: Type in in the address bar at the top of your page and hit Enter. (Domain names are not case sensitive) You are redirected to the county's original website. There is no reason this tried-and-true method can not work in your best interest by using the new domain name today!

  Broad Audience:  There are over 193,000 residents in Santa Rosa County FL according to the most recent United States census data. Now, rallying makes sense when we think of another perfect way to use the county-specific domain name—Political Campaign. While watching it significantly lower your advertising expenses, now more costly than ever, the slogan—"Proud to serve Milton and all of Santa Rosa County"—fosters recognition with a broad audience. It will inspire something important to your campaign—feelings of belonging and confidence in you as a political candidate. It's a tried-and-true, proven effortlessly way to reach out to people within your county!

 •  Is easy to remember
 •  Provides instant local recognition
 •  Has the most popular .com extension 
 •  Targets a county-specific population

  Web Presence: In my eleven plus years of working with business owners on their web presence, I know firsthand that using a county-specific domain from the county in which you do business will drive Google search traffic to your current website. It's quick and easy. Simply apply a redirect link on the county-specific domain that will redirect visitors to your current website. Now when more high-value visitors are on your site take the best action to convert them into loyal customers. They will have more confidence in buying your products or services since they view your website as local. Here's a prime example: In Hernando County (a.k.a. Florida's Adventure Coast), Lead Foot City—The Place for All Things Automotive uses the county-specific domain to their benefit. See for yourself: Type in in the address bar at the top of your page and hit Enter. (Domain names are not case sensitive) You are redirected to their original website. This is a tried-and-true way that shows you how to effectively use a redirect on your county-specific domain to your benefit!

  Greatest Investment: Whether, or not, you want to buy this top-level county-specific .com domain is for you to decide, but similarly, you can target people from within your county with excellent results. Great for desireable locations in real estate, destinations for travel and tourism, restaurants, hotels and attractions. Afternic by GoDaddy is now holding a Sale by Public Auction on where you can place your bid or purchase the domain fast and easy. By submitting an offer you will instantly receive a response from Afternic's Customer Care Specialist. It's the greatest investment you'll ever make!

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