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 King of Domains : As of March of 2021, there are 363.5 million domain name registrations across all domains. Even greater, 154.6 million of these have a .com extension. That's roughly 51.6% of websites using the coveted .com to capture more visitors. That's the reason why thousands of county governments with weaker .gov .us or .info websites place a redirect link on a strong secondary .com county-specific domain sending visitors straight to their current .gov or .us website. You may not be sitting on a million-dollar domain name, but you could very well own this strong .com county-specific domain that has extreme value. The domain name fosters recognition with a population of roughly 193,000 according to the most recent United States census data.

Apply Redirect Link :  In Bay County when someone is looking up court information, government leaders know people are most likely to enter the .com rather than .gov extension, so ensuring that .com domain is displayed is key. Type in in the address bar at the top of this page and hit Enter. (Domain names are not case sensitive) You are instantly redirected to site. Using a strong .com county-specific domain works greats for govenments wanting to better serve the public on the Internet, and it will work great for a small business owner needing to broaden your target audience; entrepreneur desiring to push more traffic to your new website; politician longing to reach and influence voters for political campaign purposes; or blogger wanting to grow your current site. It's fast and easy! Simply apply a redirect link to your current site.

 Google Optimize : In my eleven plus years of working with clients on their all important web presence, I know firsthand that you're not going to drive traffic to your site if no one can find you. If you have a website that has a weaker .org .net .biz extension because the coveted .com you wanted was unavailable, placing a redirect link on the .com county-specific domain from the county in which you do business will broaden your target audience. The county-specific domain name is easy for people to commit to memory. It's a memorable domain name which comes to mind without trying because of its:  

 •  connection to the community
 •  most popular .com extension 
 •  targeting a county-specific population

Geotargeting County : In Hernando County, Lead Foot City—The Place for All Things Automotive owns the strong .com county-specific domain where they placed a redirect link to their current website. See for yourself: Type in in the address bar at the top of this page and hit Enter. (Domain names are not case sensitive) You are instantly redirected to their current site. Whenever you are writing an advertising campaign, the population of the targeted county where you are doing business should be at the top of your priority list. This is because of the "purchasing power" of users from within your county.

 Greatest Investment : The world's largest Domain Marketplace Afternic by GoDaddy is holding a domain auction for now. Click on CONNECT to place your bid, or purchase the domain fast and easy. It's the greatest investment you'll ever make for a domain name that will last a lifetime!

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